BM TRADA Certification

Aluminium Windows and Shopfronts offers the highest quality products. In Order to be able to offer these products a company must have 3rd party accreditation to a certification body. There are a few such bodies in the UK but Aluminium Windows and Shopfronts has decided to use BM TRADA for its 3rd party accreditation.

BM TRADA Certification is a leading multi-sector certification body accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).It was originally established to develop quality assurance schemes in the construction industry and is therefore a leader in this sector.


BM TRADA Q-Mark is regarded as one of the most rigorous certification processes available for construction products. Like other certification schemes, BM TRADA Q-Mark is recognised by controlling authorities and is used by world-class construction companies and manufacturers.

BM TRADA Q-Mark products provide:

• Confidence
• Credibility
• Members are also subject to on-going checks on production and performance through regular audit tests and inspections. Aluminium Windows and Shopfronts are examined by BM TRADA’s auditors every year.


• Independent
• UKAS accredited
• Established as one of the UK’s largest construction industry certification bodies, with a global presence

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